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Date: 2001-04-23 21:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] ferrets and newborns

I have a baby that just turned a year old and four ferrets. I t did take
some time for them to get used to the baby. but all my ferrets are very well
natured as far as nipping... One of the ferrets though does freak out and
bite when she hears a sqeaker...and when the baby would cry she would run to
her and try to bite her.. but as time went on she came to accept the baby..
Now the baby and the ferrets get along splendidly. And if the baby is ever
crying or upset the ferrets all run to her and give her kisses on her face..
and the first one to go running to her with kisses is the one that
nips...She is actually very protective of her now.Its like they can just tell
that shes just an innocent baby and I swear theyve adopted her Its very
sweet..My friends come over and they cant believe how they get along.And I
never leave the baby with the ferrets unsupervised.. the baby is in her
grabbing and squeezing stage I could see her hugging one a little too much
so....The only problem that I do have is the ferrets all want the pacifier!!
but we work around Im glad I didnt listen to my mother who kept
saying "Oh your not gonna keep those damn ferrets with a baby are you?!" Well
yes I did and Im glad of it. So I wouldnt give up on your fuzzies just yet.