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From: Glenn Johnson
Date: 2001-04-24 03:09:00 UTC
Subject: vocal ferret

Friends of the Ferret,

Can older ferrets become vocal without it meaning pain? My
Chuki, almost eight, and with insulinoma, adrenal disease and
enlarged heart (not to mentioned a serious battle with ECE
just a few months ago) now frequently makes groaning sounds.
Sometimes in his sleep, often when defecating. I believe he's
in pain, but yet I can palpitate his abdomen, curl him up in
ball, stretch him out, whatever, with no sign of discomfort
from him. He's as likely to sleep stretched out on his back,
as he is curled up. His appetite is excellent, his stools
range from a blob to fairly well formed, with good color and
little sign of malabsorption......probably not too bad after a
bad case of ECE. He's out and poking around at least 5 times a
day, usually about a half hour each time and never makes a
sound while he's running around. He was also the vocal kit
I've ever seen, he used to scold me so loudly it could be
heard all over the house....but it stopped when he was about 4
months old.

Anyone had similar experiences?

Glenn and Chuki