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Date: 2001-04-24 04:33:00 UTC
Subject: Re: vaccine reaction

Hello Dr. Purcell.

Obviously, you're looking for an answer from the other vets on this
list, so I hope you do not mind my quick reply. I am not a vet, nor a
shelter; just a ferret owner. However, I have seen an odd (to me)
vaccine reaction that rang a bell here. I had one of my late-neuter
males react to a distemper vaccine in the classic hay-fever type way.
His eyes became red, puffy and watery. (He was given an antihistamine
as well as the standard vaccine reaction procedure and recovered
completely.) Could your ferret patient perhaps have a blocked tear
duct? It's just a thought that occurred to me.

Best of luck helping this little girl.

Anastasia Kidd

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> Hey folks,
> My turn to ask a medical question. I have a ferret patient with
> odd vaccine reaction. She developed a soft lump over the bridge
> her nose within 10 minutes of her distemper vaccine (Fervac). It
> non-painful, not itchy, and has not responded to any antihistamine
> treatment. As she had no other signs of a problem (no diarrhea,
> vomiting or breathing trouble), steroids were not used. However,
> has now had this mass for 3 months with no change. Has anyone seen
> reaction like this? United Vaccine had no answers for me when I
> contacted them on this case.
> Thanks for any insight,
> -Dr. Karen
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