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Date: 2001-04-24 05:03:00 UTC
Subject: re:itching

Thank you Sukie and Dr. Williams for responding to my post about my
Skylar. He went back to see the vet yesterday, where my hubby
brought up the
possibility of adrenal. Dr. xxxx is considering his fur loss as a
allergy. We have switched him back to TF/Zupreem instead of the
Senior TF
and his itching has decreased somewhat. I think his reasoning on
this may be
because I should have thought to add that the vet had, at his last
appointment (not the one Monday), taken a urine sample. Sky didn't
enough to express at either visit, so he used the needle to get it.
urine ph was acidic and was found to have some bacteria still there.
recommended the Clavamox for another seven days. At this past
visit, his
bladder was still empty and small. He rx'd Ditrim syrup BID. He
also gave
us a catheter and a liquid (sorry, no name on the label) to flush
his pouch
out with. We'll try this for a few days. I might also add he is a
alter (age 5ish) and that his marking may be a habit?; he has so
much energy
that he gets to play with the kits.

We'll wait and see what happens, if nothing, perhaps a blood test
may be in

One last question for anyone on the list regarding Pedipred.
Mufasa, my gib
with Prof. Colitis, is on one cc a day. I have tried to slowly back
it off,
without success. He returns to the nasty, sometimes fresh bloody
poo. How
long can I continue this dose without fear of side effects or
harming him?
He has been on this med (and dose for that matter) since January and
his poo is still runny, I have noticed no seediness and he has
gained at
least half a pound and still gaining. One other note here, as I was
him his baby food, I heard his tummy/innards gurgling, much like
humans do
when diarrhea is about to strike. Anybody heard that?! Thanks so
much for
all your imput.

Earlicks and toebitings to all,