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Date: 2001-04-24 07:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] re:itching

Hi Trish and all :)

I use natural things when possible. as for the itching, be it could be a
food allergy.

you might change the food to Nature's Recipe Feline Maintance. it has no corn
in it and has done wonders for Bianca.

I have also added Colodial Silver to her diet. this is a natural antibiotic.
it was used heavilly until about the 1920's and clear up to the 50's, but new
antibiotics took over.

Ferrets will self medicate on this. Initially Bianca slugged down about 4-5
droppers full and slowly is down to only a few licks a week or so. the
origional Colodial Silver was 5 ppm and i moved up the scale with 25 ppm. you
might want to try this with both your ferrets.

i understand about the prednizone.... i take it regularily, it can make the
bones britle with long term usage, among other things.

as for growing fur back, i use Timmy's Tonic for this. it is great i am
starting to use this for the dog, and his fur is doing much better since the

Timmy's Tonic FAQ

also being sold at:
The Ferretstore is now carrying Timmy's tonic and the Red clover formula
(said to be a clone of the Hoxey formula developed at Mayo clinic. ) Their
direct link is: Their ph# is 888-833-7738

If you go thru the front door, it's at "Pharmacy/suppliments", then "Holistic
treatments". they are charging $25 for Timmy's. They also do credit cards..
In a message dated 4/24/01 6:50:48 PM, jazmufsky@a... writes:

<< I heard his tummy/innards gurgling, much like humans do
when diarrhea is about to strike. >>

If you listen often, they gurgle for regular things too.

good luck gang :)

kathy. and Bianca

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