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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-24 22:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Digest Number 142/ Katharine Itchy Ferrets

DR Tom Willard wrote:
<Check what you are feeding. An active ferret
requires 18 to 22% fat with a
range of 33 to 38% protein with 85% coming from
animal sources such as
chicken-by-product meal, chicken liver meal, eggs,
chicken or poultry by
products. Just adding fat supplements or vitamins
is not as effective as
when included in the food.<

Funny you should mention that. We are a TF home
(along with some other variety). Lily (RIP) was
the itchiest thing I have ever seen. She was put
on Hill's K/D before she was 2 y.o. for liver
problems. She ate that the rest of her life. She
would never change foods. Mine all started out on
Science Diet. When I first got ferrets, I wasn't
even aware of ferret foods out there. When Lily
died at 6 1/2, she was still eating K/D. Champ is
now on K/D for his kidney problems. Same thing.
He has become itchier. There is definitely
something in what Dr. Willard is saying. My
others don't seem so itchy. They eat TF, TF for
Elders, Iams Kitten, and Superior Choice all mixed
together. Cedes also gets Friskies for treats
since that was his exclusive diet when he first
came to me. I plan to cut down on their variety.
TF will always remain. Iams will always remain
since TF can only be mail-ordered and I worry
about not being able to get it. (Last summer, I
mail-ordered TF from Jeffers and received one of
the recalled bags. It took a few days to get it
replaced.) I will probably cut out the TF for
Elders since the fat and protein content isn't too
much lower that the regular TF. I haven't decided
about the Superior Choice. Cedes will still get
his Friskies <g> as a treat.