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From: Selina, Birch, Dief, Sprite, Storm, Sand & Bear
Date: 2001-04-25 04:08:00 UTC
Subject: lactose free milk

hi all,

my ferrets are mostly on a kibble diet, but every now and
then (varies from every day to every week) I feed them this
stuff call Homemade for Life ( it's
a BARF diet, the cat and ferret formula contains 75% meat
and bones stuff, they get chicken and rabbit. I used to
make a soup out of it with hot water, but recently start
using lactose free milk instead. they like it a more with
the milk.

I'm just wondering if the milk is bad for them in anyway.
they get maybe a cup mixed in to share between 12 ferrets
(some are greedier!). my ferrets really like milk, and I
was looking at the milk products they sell for cats in pet
stores, but those have a lot of preservatives in them
and I figure lactose free milk is probably better. am I

thanx very much. am learning a lot from the list, really
glad to have so many excellent vets and animal nutritionist
as well to share their knowledge!

// ***********************************************
// Selina, Birch, Dief, Sprite, Storm, Sand & Bear