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Date: 2001-04-25 04:00:00 UTC
Subject: blatter infection

I took my little jill into the vets today for a checkup cause
she was
smelling. I was concerned cause she is not fixed and possibly pg.
He didn't
think that she was pg but felt she had a blatter infection from the
urine he
was able to collect. He prescribe 1/2 ml orally twice a day of
drops. He is not really ferret smart cause as he puts it there is no
around these parts. Unfortunetly all the other ferret vets were
busy and I
am a now person. (a fault I'm sure). He felt her white cell count
and not
seeing nuculus??? meant she wasn't pregnant or nothing was the
matter other
than the blatter infection. My question is will this med hurt her
if she is
pg? And is it normal when suringe feeding this stuff (pina
colata??? flavor)
that she have to rip at her mouth? I will mix it with duck soup if
would be better, or will it dilute it to much?
Thanks for your help in advance.