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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-04-25 10:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Treat/Supp Nutrition ?

In regards to Charleen Schuster's comments... I agree... just
my own mindset... based a combination of the ferret research,
what I feel comfortable with and a little common sense about
It is EXTREMELY rare that my ferrets (or dogs and cats for
that matter) get any of the "normal" treats... almost every
single one I have found is loaded down in some form of sugar
and all sorts of chemicals.
I do specifically look for treats made from natural products,
real meats, high in nutrients etc....
Some of the others I have found that I am happy with and some
of the ferrets and cats like... some treats they all like,
some treats only some like etc... everyone has different
tastes... excpet the dogs, who would eat anything. LOL
Anyhow, some of my "normal" stock around here includes:
the BilJac liver treats for dogs.
Authority Liver Snacks for dogs.
Authority Lamb or Chicken High Protein Treat Bars for dogs.
Several in a line called "Old Mother Hubbard" treats for
dogs... all their treats are 100% natural and meat based.

Anyway... my point is... I feel the more natural, real meat
based.. no sugar type dog treats are much better for my
fuzzies than the *ferret* treats filled with sugar, molasses,
bananas etc...