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From: NEEPS, Inc.
Date: 2001-02-26 23:37:00 UTC
Subject: FIP in Ferrets?


I was just curious, has anyone heard of "FIP" (feline infectious
peritonitis) being transmitted to ferrets? When I was at the vet last week,
she gave me a "ferret care packet", and inside was an article that mentioned
that no scientific study had been done, but some ferrets that had died for
"miscellaneous" reasons had tested positive for FIP. FIP is one of those
weird cat diseases (viral I believe) that exists in many cats dormant. From
the reading I have done, it is very common, very transmittable, but the
tests are not accurate, and the vaccine is not trusted. Many cats carry it
life long, and never show symptoms, while others die from it. Has anyone
heard of this disease being transmitted to a ferret?

Take Care,

Joe P.