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From: katharine
Date: 2001-04-25 09:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Rascal

Please understand that I was in NO way implying
that Rascal's vet is incompetent. Far from it.
He is a good vet. I know him by reputation (and
have met him once) and many people highly
recommend him. I have referred a couple of people
to him for their dogs and cats, just not ferrets.
To my knowledge he is not nearly as experienced
with ferrets as my vets and one other practice
here. Every vet has his or her specialty areas.
I think that this is a situation that requires
someone with a lot of ferret experience. There
may be nothing that can be done but, then again,
you never know. He has admitted that he made a
mistake (which anyone can do), he has admitted
that he doesn't know what to do for Rascal at this
point, and he has recommended he be euthanized.
Joy's post is almost identical to what she was
saying about Rascal 2-3 weeks ago so there is no
improvement. I am delighted that he hasn't
declined further.

I think the least the vet could do is fax Rascal's
records and consult with Dr. Kemmerer. I
recommended Dr. Kemmerer, both for her ferret
expertise and because of her close proximity, in
the event she wanted to examine Rascal in person.
In the vet's defense, I can't say that he has even
been asked to do this. The earlier the
intervention, the better, in my opinion. But,
Rascal is not my ferret and I can't make that
decision. I have offered Joy any assistance I can