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From: CB
Date: 2001-04-25 20:49:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Adrenal Shocker

Dr. Burgess:

I'm jumping in on your discussion about the relationship of
the age of neutering and later tumor growth.

If this is the link, would it not be possible to supplement
the hormones lost from neutering until the age of six months?

Also, on another subject, I have been told that ferrets who
have large tumors or large masses of tissue, (i.e.: spleen
removal, adrenal and pancreatic tumor removal), removed at
once, have a very poor prognosis of surviving the surgery. If
this is true, could it be related to hypotensive shock as
happens in humans. In humans I refer to the potential of
cardiac failure when an greatly distended bladder is suddenly
drained with a urinary catheter. I saw an man die from rapid
emptying of the bladder. When medical personnel catheterize a
person they stop draining at 500cc and wait a few minutes to
let the body adjust. Whether this is from vagal stimulation
or pressure on the Vena Cava I don't know. Here is my theory,
assuming of course that the original statement about large
tissue mass removal is correct. Let's say a large adrenal
tumor and the spleen were removed together, in theory couldn't
a French Foley Catheter be inserted into the abdominal area,
where the tissue was removed, and the balloon inflated to
approximate the size of the tissue removed? The catheter
could be left in like a drain, abdomen closed, ferret removed
from anesthesia and then slowly deflate the balloon to allow
the body to compensate? You could take hours to deflate the
balloon. Of course the post-0p care would be more intensive
because you would have to keep the ferret from messing around
with the catheter and then finish closing the suture line.

Well it's a thought. Let me know what you think.

Never Giving Up,

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