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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-04-26 02:18:00 UTC
Subject: Breeding Info Page!

Okay guys... I just had to write a long detailed informed
post for a board... which I end up doing almost WEEKLY to the
inevitable... "I is gonna get me a pair of ferrets and let em
make babies so I can make some money" ......
What I normally do includes basic information... a couple
experiences... and a link to both ZenFerrets breeding FAQ page
and the West Valley Wuzzles "To breed or not to breed" page...

I know many people, especially several quality breeders have a
page here or a link there about this subject, but we have no
place where all the information from everyone is available in
one nice, clean referable site. I have an idea... and am
willing to do the work... I just need cooperation here!
I want to make a permanent site.... with all I listed above
and more!!!
I am donating the space off my sites, since I get 7 free sites
with my ISP service...and I volunteer to put it all together
into a professional detailed reference site, since I do
website design as part of my business anyway and business is
slow right now so I have time... LOL
My goal is to include all the basic information to prevent
potential irresponsible, indiscriminate or backyard
breeding... while at the same time providing the information
needed and direction for anyone who may actually be someone
who will become a responsible quality breeder for the right
I want both of those factions to realize what they are getting
into and all the reasons that are wrong for wanting to breed
and why... myths and facts of breeding etc....

What I need is this:
1. Permission from Killian to use the FAQ page on it...
2. Permission from West Valley Wuzzles for same....
3. Any other similar pages or information that will fit in,
with permission to use the information.
4. ANY of you who wish to write up an experience of your own
or your thoughts etc to add.

ALL works not actually written by myself will be given proper
credit to the authors as well as a link to your sites if you

Come on guys.... I'm volunteering to do the hardest part....
you with me on this????