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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-04-25 03:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: NEED INFO on CPR for Ferrets?

From: swamp <swamp@h...>
>I'm not saying it *couldn't* be done, but I'd sure like to meet a person
>who's actually done it. You'd have to have some pretty quick lips and

I have met a person who had successfully administered CPR to a ferret, and
she said it was terrifying to do for exactly the reasons you stated, the
small lung capacity, little bones, etc. This was my ferret Cully's former
owner; she found him one day trapped stuffed upside down between the back
and seat cushion of an over-stuffed couch. He'd stopped breathing. She
cupped her hand around his muzzle and puffed little puffs into the top of
her fist, so that there was a hand's width of space between Cully's nose and
her mouth. It only took two or three puffs to jumpstart him. I'm not
saying this is a particularly safe method, because I don't know if it is or
not. It may have been luck, but it worked once.

(for those on FOBFerrets, yes, this is the same Cully who got himself stuck
in a laundry basket handle. Instinct for self-preservation was not his
strong point, silly old weasel :)


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