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From: Ulrike
Date: 2001-04-26 07:01:00 UTC
Subject: Mason- again

My vet got back to me, she sent Mason's x-ray to an exotic species vet and
he went to some meeting with other exotic vets so he had 3 people look at
Mason's x-ray. I think the wind pipe is slightly higher than it should be
and they seem to think that the heart is enlarged. So my vet wants to start
treating Mason with an ACE Inhibitor? Well, we're not sure that the heart
disease caused Mason's symptoms that he had Monday and Tuesday and my vet
hasn't got a clue why he is better now and got so much better so quickly.
She didn't believe it when I told her, she thought he was really ill. So
Mason is my first cardiomyopathy ferret...

From Ulrike
and Jilly, Jack, Bella, Tom, Mason, Baby, Dana, Fox, Reno, Rose, Jasmine,
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