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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-04-26 08:39:00 UTC
Subject: Administering Meds

Hi guys, My little girl Powder came down with a case of the green poops-I
figured it was stress related since Angie "the matriarch" has been bullying
her-but to be on the cautious side-I took her in to see the Dr. anyway.
Turns out, she's OK, but, he put her on (just to be safe)Chloramphenicol
tabs 50mg- 2x per day. I was in such a tizzy from the barking dogs stressing
Powder out even more, and my 4 year old being a Power Ranger in the waiting
area while I waited for the fecal & bloodwork-that I neglected to find out
how to administer the meds to a ferret-I've been very lucky in that none of
my little guys have ever been sick. I've had cats and dogs for years, is it
that different??? Can anyone give me the finer points of medicating a
ferret? My vet is closed for the night:0


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