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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-26 13:53:00 UTC
Subject: re: desperate new member

>hello every one. ive been sent here by my owners
>peanut,richie,doddle and sassy looking for help. my name is wayne we
>are from rural kentucky.there are some good vets here but not much
>experience with ferrets. thank god i found you all.everyone here has
>allready been a big help as i have read almost all two thousand and
>somthing messages.we need the most up to date information because we
>are in pretty bad shap.peanut (aprox. 6 years old ) has had
>insulinoma sence about march of 2000 her first surgery (done at
>university of tenn. super nice people ) was 5-23-00 and did very
>well until 12-00 then another ultrasound showed another
>tumor.second surery done jan.3rd 2001 got her off all meds regulated
>her by diet alone untill about 6 weeks ago .now on .02 mg (?
>minimum dosage) prednazone and diat but going down hill fast . it
>figures now i learn about bobs chiken gravy when its allmost to late
>. what should i feed her until i get set up to make it? how do i get
>her to eat other foods (besides force feeding)? she WILLNOT eat
>anything else except her (we feed every 3 hr.) .if she gets
>worse should we go for 3rd surgey? will bobs gravy help like ive
>heard? she sleeps all the time.should i keep her up more? what else
>can we do.welove her so much.sorry this is so long. were desperate.
>thanks you ALL are a wonderful group of people. thanks the gang

A high protein diet like Bob's may help, so may a change in the Pred
dose if feasible or adding Proglycem. Have you and your vet
discussed those options and their good and bad points? It is
certainly worth leaving a message at the hospital for a call-back
when vet is available tomorrow.

Try introducing her to some sick-bed foods like baby food or a/d by
mixing them with warm water or heating them to increase the scent and
then offering from your finger while you sing to her (no joke). They
imprint on foods at an early age but with patient loving persistence
they do try new things (even if some are incredibly hard to convince).