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From: Nicole LEXEL
Date: 2001-04-26 12:20:00 UTC
Subject: Lymphosarcoma

Hi. I would really appreciate any help you can give us.

My female ferret, Tessa, had her spleen removed four weeks
ago. When they first found out she had an enlarged spleen,
they also found 1 "mass" in her spleen and 3 in her stomach
region, as well as "sludge" in her gall bladder.

We removed her spleen and two weeks ago, we started her on
prednazone, 1/2 mg. twice per day. We also started her at the
same time on Essiac (actually True Essence which is 75%
Essiac) at 2cc per day. She is now taking a total of 3cc per
day along with the Prednazone. We were told to watch for
excessive drinking as a possible sign we are over-detoxifying

We started her at the same time on duck soup as she wasn't
eating or drinking at all and becoming quite lethargic. The
soup picked her up. In the past 2 weeks she has gained alot
of weight, however, I am now concerned about the weight gain
as she is still very skinny in her extreme upper & lower body
(bones show thru her skin, ribs, etc.) but now very large in
her stomach. I am wondering if a high calorie diet will (in 2
weeks) center around the stomach only, leaving her thin
everywhere else, or is she bloating for some reason?

She seems to have a blue tinge across her stomach, the same as
she had when her spleen was filling with blood. Should also
mention two weeks ago at the vets, he suspected her liver is

In the past 2 weeks, she made a really great jump to good
health. Although still sleeping alot, she is less irritable,
walks around more, and doesn't lose her balance and have her
feet slide out from underneath her anymore. She was becoming
jaundiced, but some color has returned to her nose, a little
to her ears (she is albino). She was becoming happier and
perkier, a sign she was getting better we thought.

In the past 3 days, we have noticed a decrease in the amount
of duck soup she is eating, and a somewhat concerning increase
in water intake. She looks to be tiring out again, and
flopping down more often, and sleeping more. Losing her

I am wondering: Are we over detoxifying her, and if so, what
does this mean? Should we cut back on the prednazone or
essiac? I know vets may not support essiac as it is not
"prescription" but I strongly believe through all my research,
it is an answer. Do you have an opinion on this?

We have an appt. for next Wednesday, however this being
Thursday, I am concerned we are doing something wrong that
originally was helping and we cannot wait another week for
some advice.

Thank-you in advance.