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From: petersen
Date: 2001-04-26 13:20:00 UTC
Subject: Early Neutering = Adrenal?

Well, I respect the vet's opinions, and also Susan's, but. . .

The best ferret vet that I know of in the St. Louis area says that he has
seen NO difference between MF ferrets and privately bred ferrets in terms of
the relative incidence of adrenal disease. (There was a private breeder in
St. Louis for many years, so there was a local source of privately bred
ferrets.) Presumably, not all of the breeder's ferrets were late neuters,
but they were at least not weaned early. Our experience in the shelter has
been similar (but then there's the possibility that the stress of being in
the shelter helps to trigger adrenal problems).

Kurt & Sara Petersen
FURRY (Ferrets Underfoot RUnning Round You)

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