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From: RRC
Date: 2001-04-26 23:17:00 UTC
Subject: Bob C: Albinism post

I have been overwhelmed by questions on the albinism and Star gene post;
I don't know how many on the FHL and a couple dozen in my mailbox.
Rather than try to answer them and perhaps generate more questions, I'll
try to write a post on the Star Gene hypothesis, one on traits of
domestication, and then a post of population genetics (which will better
explain concepts like "Persistence" and ""Modal Characteristics." Two
parts will have to wait until later next week; I have to finish a paper
I will be presenting at a conference later this year so I can send it
for review. But probably before the weekend. I'll do the concept of
domestication first.

Thank you Dr. Williams for your kind words. That was high praise. I
appreciate the sentiment.

Bob C