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From: Stichting All About Ferrets
Date: 2001-04-26 21:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 150/ Do not feed a
cat food unless...

In Holland we do feed cat food to ferrets and lately
it is even recommended (by vets) since the ferret food
is to fat and there are a lot a ingredients which are
not healthy (according to the vets) for ferrets with
insulinoma (bananapulp/fruitsugars etc).
Although most dutch ferret owners don't feed ferret
food or giving their fuzzies treats like: raisins,
fruit, candies etc...
My own experiences are that a lot of ferrets are much
too fat (just like dogs, cats etc) so less fat
wouldn't be such a big problem (if you feed cat food)
and if they do need more you could give "sheepfat" of
"chicken fat" which you can buy in every supermarket
or at the petshop.
The lac of protein is an other issue but there are
some cat foods (at least over here) who do have 37% of
it and once a week an ("raw") egg will help you out
Since last year we have two new kinds of ferret food
over here and I although the name "ferret food" is
printed on it I can assure you the food is not good.
Dog, cat or ferret food, not the fact it is made for
dog, cat or ferret does always means it's okay!
The vets overhere and by now the owners (who keep a
ferret as a pet, since this is not a subject for
"hunters") are wondering why there are so many
ingredients in ferret food who shouldn't be in there,
since we are still talking about a carnivore.
So I agree with dr Tom Willard, please do your
homework and always look at the ingredients and if you
do feed things extra don't overdo it.
Ferretvite, Ferretone etc not good for the health of
your ferret either. Why giving all these supplements
if your food is balanced?
Bye Carmen

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