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From: Regina J. Hart
Date: 2001-04-27 02:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bob C: Albinism, Depigmentation, and Domestication

Hey there!

Quick question with a (hopefully) long answer. <g>

>There is a fairly well documented hypothesis called the "Star Gene"
>which ties the behavioral changes caused by domestication to piebalding,
>neotony, and a host of other morphological changes

In light of your discussion regarding depigmentation, is it possible for a
ferret to express a depigmented pattern (e.g. blaze, mitt, panda, bib, etc.)
without the presence of the Star Gene and/or Waardenburg's Syndrome? OK, two
questions... In addition to auditory and visual problems, what -if any- other
problems are documented in Star Gene and/or Waardenburg's Syndrome individuals?
OK, make that three - What is your personal opinion with regard to the breeding
of these individuals?

While I'm directing these questions specifically at Bob, I'd be really
interested in hearing from anyone who can provide insight!

Happy ferreting,
Gina Hart/Sage Ferrets