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From: Regina J. Hart
Date: 2001-04-27 03:11:00 UTC
Subject: Neurologic disorder?


My, my - two posts in one day!

The following post reminded me that I had a long-outstanding question:

>What would cause neurological problems,
>such as stumbling, falling over and head tilt?

Not long ago, Dr. Williams indicated that ferrets are not susceptible to
strokes. I was very interested to hear this news as years ago, my Bean was
diagnosed as possibly having had a stroke. The symptoms were uncontrollable
stumbling, walking in circles, head tilt. In a nutshell, it was awful to watch.
Bean looked like a fish out of water flopping around on the floor. He was very
distressed and upset - frantic even.

When we went to the vet, I feared the worst. The veterinarian indicated that he
either had an inner ear infection (for which he gave me antibiotics) or he had a
stroke. He said that animals can recover well from strokes, and said that if
that were the problem, it could resolve itself in a week or so as his body
adapted and adjusted. Sure enough, Bean showed gradual improvement and in
time -no evidence of this terrible problem ever appeared again- and Bean went on
to live a normal life.

Since that time, I know one person personally and have heard via the FML and FHL
reports of a similar disorder. What are the possible causes/treatments for this
seemingly neurological problem that resolves itself?

Yours in curiosity,
Gina Hart/Sage Ferrets