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From: Pat Andrews
Date: 2001-02-26 14:10:00 UTC
Subject: Feeding Live Mice Issue

Personally I feed mix of serveral types of kibble and either
BC gravy or Instincts (by Feline Futures). But, when Eponine
was recovering from her blockage and adrenal surgery she had
to be force fed (for over three months O_O) EXCEPT when I took
her out in the yard for her physical therapy. I took her
outside because inside she would just go into the coat closet
and curl up in the bedding I keep for her there...outside she
wandered search of prey! Her first kill was a
cicada and the last (before the weather turned cold) was a
hornet. The other stuff was gone before I identified it. I
then bought her crickets...but she just chased them around the
bathtub. Shiloh, however, was delighted with the snack her
mommy supplied her. She is one of those ferrets who will kill
more than she can eat. No one else seemed particularly
interested, but these girls sure knew what bugs were best
suited for.

Pat and the Furry Inspirations, missing Sonny and worrying
about Tess