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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-04-27 10:08:00 UTC
Subject: Arthur

I posted earlier about Arthur having the real dark, bloody sludge-like poop.
I just called for an update and my ferret vet was gone for the day and a
non-ferret vet gave me the details from Arthur's chart. It looks like a
bacterial infection; he has 9% blood - should have 46%. Hs red cells are
less than a quarter of what they should be. There are a few immature red
cells. His calcium, phosphurus, and protein are all low. If he makes it
through the night, they want me to bring in 2 ferrets tomorrow for a blood
transfusion. I may be able to take the ferrets in later tonight for the
transfusion; this vet I talked to wasn't familiar with ferrets and didn't
know if tonight would help the situation any. There is another ferret vet
coming in later tonight, so I will call him and see if I should take my two
boys in tonight to donate blood. I asked if I could bring a cat in for
blood, but he said you can't mix the species' blood.

Keep Arthur in your prayers that he makes it thru the night. This came at
me out of nowhere. When I took him in earlier, he wasn't totally out of it.
He was alert, his eyes looked good, and he was moving around some.

Susan in KY
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