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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-04-27 11:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Arthur

I guess the 9% figure is his PCV? That's REALLY low! I would be
very concerned as it sounds like Arthur can't wait until tomorrow for
the blood transfusion.

And I have disagree about not being able to use a cat's blood. In an
emergency, cat and/or dog blood can be used, though it's not a long
term solution as the ferrets body will destroy the "invaders" in 24-
48 hours. But it could buy the time one needs if a ferret donor
can't be found right away. If you have healthy ferrets available,
that would obviously be the best choice.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Susan D." <ferretsarecool@h...>
> Hi,
> I posted earlier about Arthur having the real dark, bloody sludge-
like poop.
> I just called for an update and my ferret vet was gone for the
day and a
> non-ferret vet gave me the details from Arthur's chart. It looks
like a
> bacterial infection; he has 9% blood - should have 46%. Hs red
cells are
> less than a quarter of what they should be. There are a few
immature red
> cells. His calcium, phosphurus, and protein are all low. If he
makes it
> through the night, they want me to bring in 2 ferrets tomorrow for
a blood
> transfusion. I may be able to take the ferrets in later tonight
for the
> transfusion; this vet I talked to wasn't familiar with ferrets and
> know if tonight would help the situation any. There is another
ferret vet
> coming in later tonight, so I will call him and see if I should
take my two
> boys in tonight to donate blood. I asked if I could bring a cat in
> blood, but he said you can't mix the species' blood.
> Keep Arthur in your prayers that he makes it thru the night. This
came at
> me out of nowhere. When I took him in earlier, he wasn't totally
out of it.
> He was alert, his eyes looked good, and he was moving around
> Thanks.
> Susan in KY
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