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From: Bonnie
Date: 2001-04-27 14:45:00 UTC
Subject: Quick Thank You!

A quick thank you to everyone on the board! I am new to ferrets. We
have had our three girls for a little over a month now and they are
my sweet babies! I joined this club after reading about it in another
yahoo board and there is so much information I never found in my
extensive research prior to getting ferrets.

Dr. Williams, thank you so much for your heads up on being off line
for a time! I have two human children and none of thier doctors would
say anything about taking leave even if it were just from the web
site! I hope you know what it means to those of us who count on you
for support!

To Everyone else, thank you for your thoughts and ideas, not to
mention your support! I knew long before I got our ferrets that life
happens and all too often we pay the price. It means so much to me to
read the words of incouragement you provide! I look forward to every
digest and to your words.

Thank you to everyone and I look forward to years of your advice,
companinonship, and our shared love of ferrets!

Russia, Fritski, and Xev