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Date: 2001-02-26 19:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Go to the polls

Hey Chris I go to the polls, and I voted never tested too...apparently it
didnt' show? Anyway, four of my babies i've had sinc ethey were kits in a
pet store, two came right from marshall farms practically spending one
afternoon in the petstore. I have one that was from a shelter who got him
from a pet store as a kit and has been tested by them. I have never tested
as in chattanooga.... I have only found one other ferret owner so far. We
don't touch kits anymore in petstores or even go in that part of the store
(too tempting). We have probably let ours out side on the grass less than 10
times in their life. They do travel in the car with us occassionally and we
hold them in stores if they do not wait for us in the car (in a large carrier
with water, food, blankies, teddy, etc). We hide them in stores so we dont
get in trouble so no one touches them.
They will be due for shots starting in march. Once we pay for all that and
move into a new home, etc, then i'm doing the ELISA tests on them one by one
beginning wiht the two oldest. I'm going to be honest
here.................... I probably would not test with our living current
living situation if I werent such a strong advocate for adv and testing.
Also... we are having another shelter ferret come join our family later.
Although he will has been tested and negative, due to past unknown history
before the shelter, etc.. I would test because of that. So thats two
reasons. Are they the right reasons?
Probably not... I know we should all test. I know all the reasons why. I
just want to be honest here and tell you what's going on inside my mind, and
how I think....because I think I'm not alone. :)

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