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Date: 2001-04-27 20:33:00 UTC
Subject: Bad Breath/urine problems??

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for being so helpful w/Bandit in the past,,, I have another question
and I wondered if Dr. Williams and anybody who's been through this could

Bandit is urinating a lot, it seems like a 1/2 cup of water each time.
I am feeding him babyfood and SD a/d because he doesn't eat on his own. He's
also been on pred for about a month-2 months now, this actually will be his
last week on it...we were treating for ECE (boost) appetite and for low blood
sugar. I know chronic use of steroids (pred) can cause this but he really
hasn't been on it too long?? or is it long enough to cause this?

Second, I recently noticed Bandit's breath is bad, don't know what this
means-The vet checked out his mouth recently and thought all was O.K.-Any
ideas on this??

Third, Bandit is definitely blind-I just know I can also see the glaze over
his eyes (cataracts) maybe-anyway the question is I have a new kit Feifal and
they finally are interacting now that Bandit is better from the ECE-They seem
to play real rough and cry out a lot, I'm not sure if this is normal ferret
behavior?? Sometimes I worry about Bandit because the kit is a lot more
active and can run circles around him. What's normal play and what's
not-they nip on eachother a lot (ears, neck ect.) I always keep an eye on
them and separate them when I'm not around.

Please Help


P.S.- When looking into finding a new vet what questions should I ask to see
how experienced they are with ferrets.