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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-04-28 01:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Finding a new vet


P.S.- When looking into finding a new vet what questions should I ask to
how experienced they are with ferrets.

Sorry I can't answer the first part of the post. I found the best vets by
asking on the FML, and next by asking the local ferret shelter who they
use and recommend. Dr. Williams also posted a while ago his
recommendations, so check those out- search the archives.
When going to a new vet, first I ask the secretary if they are seeing
ferrets, then I ask if they do ferret surgery - like adrenal, or even
minor surgery. If the secretary has to go and ask (unless she is new) I
figure they aren't seeing a lot of ferrets. I may still use the vet even
if they aren't doing the major surgeries, as long as they tell me this up
front so I can find a backup vet (usually means traveling a bit)
Next when I go, I do so for a routine only. If the vet handles the
ferret without trepidation, knows about the scruff holding (believe me I
had one vet that didn't know how to hold the ferret), and they are aware
of the potential vaccine reactions and offer to pre medicate and separate
the vaccines, I am pretty sure this is a good ferret vet. Also, if the
vet is open to my questions, and even encourages me to bring in the info.
off the internet, etc. and wants to learn more, then I don't mind if they
aren't "ferret experts". A vet who is willing to consult with others,
willing to learn, and is honest with me when he doesn't know what is
wrong with my pet, is a vet who I would want.

p.s. Look into who is covering the office after hours, usually you will
have to go to an emergency vet, so it helps to know where those are in
your area, and even if you have a choice of more than one, finding out
which one is better for ferrets, although the vets may vary depending on
the day and shift. Helps to be prepared.
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