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From: Lynn
Date: 2001-02-27 01:25:00 UTC
Subject: Help - Dr. Williams I need advice

I'm owned by 5 ferrets at the moment.

My Tooley is about 4 years old (they told me she was 3 when I
got her a couple of months ago).

She was fine. Other than the occasional nip because she
wanted to have her way, she was in good health. Recently,
she has taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be eating
(maybe not as much as she should), she has turned into a sack
of bones. I'm not exaggerating on that one bit - she's
wasting away. She sleeps most of the time and lost a huge
patch of fur on her right backside that immediately starting
growing back in almost immediately.

She'll eat if you force her and I've seen her eating on her
own. She is weak.

Her poops are normal - except she's often too tired to make
it all the way to the litter box.

My biggest problem is that one of my other ferrets got sick
on Thanksgiving morning and I know have nearly $3000 in vet
bills and cannot afford to take her to the vet, but don't
want her to suffer either. I'm at my wits end.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this? Should I
try to force a stronger mix of something to help her regain
the weight?

I appreciate any advice you can lend to me.

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