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Date: 2001-04-29 00:24:00 UTC
Subject: Red swollen penis, mosquitos & ticks

I have a 3yr old neutered ferret Lenny, This week his penis looked
red and a litte swollen. All behavior is normal and tody 4/29 it
looks fine. I'm not sure if it has to do with spring fever, he has
become very active, or if he has come in contact with something
outside. I know the details are vague, but just curious.
As far as mosquitos & ticks, both our ferrets love walks outside. I
have seen deer in our neighbors backyard and was told that there are
wild turkeys as well. We have a tall fence so they cannot come on our
property. Is there something safe that I could use on the ferrets to
prevent ticks or mosquitos from getting hold of them. I fear lyme and
west nile diseases for ourselves and more importantly our ferrets,
but I cannot deny them their walks which they love so much.

Thanks a bunch