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From: Connie
Date: 2001-04-29 01:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Sick ferret - help!?!

My ferret was like that and he was finally found to
have low glucose. he is now on 1cc Pedipred mixed
with 2 tbs. Gerber turkey and gravey, twice a day and
I have not seen his itchey again. His fur has grown
back and he does not want to stop playing now. good
luck. CB and fuzzies
--- GRFerrets@a... wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a female ferret, age 6 years with some
> problems and I'm hoping to get
> some help here.
> Last December, she began to show signs of adrenal -
> hair loss, itching,
> swollen vulva. On January 30, she had her left
> adrenal gland removed. The
> right was checked and was not affected. Insulinomas
> were not found in the
> exploratory.
> For much of her life, she's been somewhat more itchy
> than my other ferrets
> and she (with one other) sneezes more than the rest.
> Both of these have been
> normal for her for years. She is one of those
> ferrets affected with the foot
> problem that was recently discussed here.
> Now: Her hair has not begun to grow back, but the
> vulva is back to normal.
> The itching has not subsided at all - She is so
> itchy that she scratches
> until she bleeds. She has big scabs all over from
> her scratching. She is
> quite lethargic - she comes out of her bed to eat
> and use the litterbox and
> that's about it. During playtimes out of the cage,
> she needs to be removed
> from her bed and put on the floor and is usually
> back in her bed within 5 or
> 10 minutes. If she tries to run around a bit, the
> itching/scratching
> interferes to the point that she can barely take a
> couple steps before she
> has to stop and scratch. She has lost weight, but
> not enough to be concerned
> - I think it's just the natural spring weight loss.
> Can anyone help me with this??
> Thank you!
> Kim

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