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From: Connie
Date: 2001-04-29 01:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: ferrets & newborns/kids & pets

How do you do it? I am the mom of five ferret and 1
can and it seems there is always one of them not
feeling well or pooping in the wrong place (not litter
box). it seems to be a full time job and I consider
myself a good mom, they have a bedroom of their own, 2
cages, 5 litter pans, queen size bed and toys galore.
I must be doing something wrong.
--- Rosalie Yudelson <rosalie5h2o@e...> wrote:
> I'd like to add my 2 cents w/this one...I feel the
> ferrets are getting a bad
> rap here!
> When our 4 yr old was born, our ferrets were'nt here
> yet. We actually were
> introduced to our first ferret "experience" through
> our little boy. He fell
> in love w/ a little silver guy while in a pet store
> when he was 2. We DID
> have 2 dogs, 2 cats and lots of friends with
> toddlers. No child in my home
> is ever "allowed" to be alone w/ any of our pets,
> also under no
> circumstances were any toddlers left unsupervised
> w/our baby-why? Because
> they're all unpredicatable (toddlers included) and
> ANYTHING could set them
> off, resulting in the harm of our baby. We did NOT
> "get rid" of our pets, we
> made a commitment to them. Our son was taught to
> respect our pets and he is
> a true lover of animals. He thinks every home has 2
> dogs, 2 cats and several
> ferrets!!! By the way, his name is Noah(how
> fitting!)- My point is that ANY
> animal is unpredictable, and I think the ferrets are
> getting a bad rap. IT
> IS POSSIBLE to have pets and kids-you just have to
> watch them. When your
> child is asleep, (in the beginning) let that be the
> ferret's
> playtime.(newborns do sleep a lot!) It'll be easier
> on you too, because
> you'll only have to focus on the ferrets for that
> time, being a first time
> new mom is a lot to deal w/ it in itself. Be
> sensitive to your pet's needs
> too, as their home is about to change greatly, and
> they may resent you.
> Never let your child play on the floor while the
> ferrets are out. It will
> take some juggling, but it can be done. When your
> baby gets older (1 yr)
> start w/ gentle petting on the ferret's back while
> you hold the ferret. Once
> you see how they react to each other, you can take
> it from there. You should
> never leave your child alone w/ any animal-cat, dog,
> bird, rabbit, etc. Why
> would anyone leave their child alone w/ something
> potentailly dangerous? The
> last post contained a message about ferrets biting
> babies (which was rather
> disturbing)- where were the parents of these poor
> babies?? How did it
> happen? Why were the babies and ferrets together????
> Obviously there was a
> lack of education and common sense on the parts of
> the parents. While I
> think that it's horrific that these children were
> bitten-it could have been
> prevented. Now, I'll step down from my soapbox!!!
> I'm sorry if I've offended
> anyone-I get rather headstong this subject.
> Proud Mommy of Noah,
> Finster,Keeley,Al,Sophie,
> Jack, Carlo, Angie, Neera
> & Powder
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