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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-04-29 06:27:00 UTC
Subject: Help! Sick?

As per usual ferret standards... we have one taking sick in
the middle of the night one a Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Our vet is unavailable this afternoon and I have a call into
to our secondary. should get hold of one of our vets today but
wanted to get some input in the meantime.
Roxy is a 3.5 year old female. She is a MF ferret. She first
came into rescue almost a year ago now.
When she arrived, she was extremely malnourished and
underweight, due to a combination of poor diet (generic
catfood) AND being limited to being fed "3 times a day, like a
She did however, bounce back quickly and thrive... gained
weight and a better coat and was doing wonderfully. She was
adopted by a wonderful lady who took only the best of care of
her, Sadly, this person passed away last December with Breast
Cancer. It was her expressed wish that Roxy be returned to me
and rehomed.
She has been living as a "foster" with a friend who had
previously adopted, to see if she gets along with the rescue
she already has. Everything was fine until this past Friday
when she found some runny'ish poops. Saturday, she brought
Roxy here for me to watch her.
In the past 24 hours, we have seen:
Poops ranging from loose and runny,,, sort of a dark Kelly
green.... to a thick "mush" consistency (almost like canned
cat food) that is mostly brown with a hint of green.
She is also slightly dehydrated and not eating well and fairly
She is alert but slow to respond... her temperature is 102.7
and all other functions are normal.
So far, I have made her a "regular" duck soup and a "super
powered" one.
The super power one is nothing but a teaspoon of chicken baby
food, 1/2 inch ribbon of Ferretvite, 2 CC's Dyne and 2 CC'c
Ensure and 1 CC of honey.
I have given her 4 CC's of the high powered, a total of 12
CC's of regular duck soup, about 30 CC's of a
Gatorade/Pedialyte blend and .5 CC of Pepto Bismol and a .5 CC
of Amoxycillian.
This has all been between an hour to an hour and half ago.
So far there has been no significant improvement... she isn't
horrid or crashing but she isn't quite her normal hyperactive,
friendly self either.
I though maybe early signs of Insulinoma, but the "special"
soup should have perked her up and "snapped" out of it right?
Obviously, if need be, we will keep her hydrated and on duck
soup through the night and get her to the vets tomorrow....
does anyone have any other suggestions, ideas or thoughts in
the meantime>