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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-04-28 01:01:00 UTC
Subject: update on Arthur

Arthur made it through the night. They're going to do the blood transfusion
this morning.

To the vets on this list, or anyone else that might have an idea: My vet,
Dr. Kim, doesn't have any idea what this could be. The blood tests didn't
show anything that gives her any idea. Dr. Kim did mention doing x-rays. I
posted what little I knew yesterday - recap: Arthur has 9% of his blood;
should be 46%. Phospherus, protein, and calcium are all very low, his red
cells are less than a quarter of what they should be. There are a few
immature red cells.

Any ideas to what could have caused this to start happening? When Dr. Kim
examined him she felt around the lower part of his body and he wiggled like
it hurt. Said his spleen didn't feel right - I think she said it felt


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