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From: Coppandco
Date: 2001-04-26 19:28:00 UTC
Subject: Hair Standing Straight Up

I have a 6 year old late neutered ferret with insulinoma -
TJ. Presently he is on .01 ml of Progylcem and 0.80 ml of
Pediapred bid. The Progylcem was just recently added after he
started having the occasion symptom of falling over. His
appetite is good, his energy level is fair and he does not
play any more although he is still very curious.

MY main question is that his hair is almost always standing
straight up. The only time it will stay down is when he is
sleeping. The moment he awakes - he looks like a punk rocker.
I have never encountered this before in any other ferret and
I am wondering if this is a sign of some other underlying

He is not considered a good risk for surgery as after a prior
surgery for a silent adrenal (which almost caused a rupture of
his bladder) he had a very difficult recovery mainly due to
his extremely fixed personality regarding food and
surroundings. Neither my vet or myself are willing to put him
through another surgery unless there is no other option.

As an aside, I had posted a month or so ago about my female
ferret Kali who had yet to regrow her hair after adrenal
surgery. I am please to note that she has suddenly developed
hair growth (with the exception of a small area on her tail)
although it appears that she will be a different colour.

Any comments re TJ would be greatly appreciated.