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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-04-29 15:24:00 UTC

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Bruce Williams, DVM"
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> --- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "More Ferrets?!?"
> wrote:
> > in an earlier message it sounded like you thought i was
> exaggerating the size of woody's lumps, dr.
here 'ya go!
> > unfortuantely i don't need to exaggerate the size of his
> attached are digital snapshots of his recent xrays.
> Wowie zowie! Those are huge - but thanks for the X-rays (if
> your digital camera - can you send a couple of shots of him
as well?

we both have digital cameras - doc and i. he took the photos
of the x-rays with his digital (much better camera than mine)
at my request, since my attempts to photograph the underarm
lump were pretty unsuccessful...i just couldn't get the lump
to "appear" in 3D. but now that you've seen the x-ray, i've
attached the photo i did take. the lump begins at my thumb on
the left. i'm pushing the lump up onto the chest with my
middle finger, shown on the lower right. his hand is laying
on top of the lump. for me it's MUCH easier to see the
incredible size in the xray. i've attached another photo of
his neck lumps. he has MUCH larger lumps on the left (his
left) side, but has them around the jaw and neck on his right
side in this photo as well. also hard to see in my opinion,
but you're an experienced vet who should be able to see how
large his neck is (he's a svelte 1.7# normal framed MF weezil
- definately underweight). and of course i've included a
beauty shot just so his only fame isn't for his lumps! :)
> > the lump under his arm doesn't bother him. the lumps on
both sides
> of his neck don't bother him either. what is REALLY
> > him is the lump in his chest, which is putting pressure on
> trachea. he sounds like you or i would if we walked around
with a
> > dog collar on - notched two marks too tight. i've created
> blanket ramp type thingie for him to prop up his head so he
can suck
> in
> > breath a bit easier.
> Myabe it's the small file sizes, but I'm not seeing a lump
in his
> chest at this point - You should see something of the
> (whiteness) of the arm lump in the chest, and I guess I'm
not seeing
> that. soething is definitely causing him not to breathe
well - could
> there be small metastases in the lungs, resulting in edema,
or could
> the masses actually be in his throat and as such not really
> in these shots?
> I'm not wishing to disagree with your vet here, but I'm just
> seeing a large chest mass in these images...

i don't think he'd think you were disagreeing with him...i
think you just have to a) hear him breathing b) see the x-ray
fresh and in person and c) feel the critter. it's not so much
he sees a lump as he sees a slight narrowing of the trachea.
combine the x-ray with how he sounds and doc concluded that
the trachea is being pushed on - but certainly he wasn't
making a proclamation in blood, we were just trying to figure
out how much misery he's in. he mentioned that the lungs look
good - filling well with air - so pressure on the trachea
would be the most likely cause for how he sounds (like he's
drowning). oh - and woody now sleeps with his head propped up
at a 90 degree angle where he is resting his chin only...he
can't rest with any pressure on his lower neck at all.
> >
> > he's been on HIGH pred dose for two weeks now. he's also
> through the first three days of luceran. 5 more days and he
can have
> > the last 3 days of dosing. i'm still holding out for a
> so i'm trying to make him comfy until i'm convinced this
> > going to work. any suggestions on making him more
comfortable (i
> doubt it)?
> Yes, there is very little to do to make him more comfortable
- wihout
> surgical excision of the neoplasms that are impeding the
> Usually, after several days of high dose pred, the masses in
> responsive lymphomas become notceably, if not more, smaller.
> fact that these masses are not getting small is
unfortunately, a poor
> prognostic sign.

yep, that's exactly what doc said. frankly i was really
hoping to at least finish up this luceran treatment...but i'm
thinking perhaps i'm being a bit too hopeful/selfish and
should give up right quick. it's heartbreaking to see a 2
year old try so hard STILL to investigate and be happy and
playful, yet not have the energy after spending it all on
sucking air...he's still so alert and perky, just's just been remarkably difficult for me to
decide to give up. :( have you used luceran before?

ooh - while i have you: i'm going to send clyde's tissue
along to you. i have photos as well. you mentioned that you
were having trouble with e-mail...i can print *decent* color
prints of the photos, but i think you might have better detail
seeing them in original digital form. how would you like the
information? thx!

> With kindest regards,
> Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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