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From: Maryi Mauney
Date: 2001-04-29 23:04:00 UTC
Subject: Coccidia in kits


I have had my babies for 4 weeks. I bought them from a
nationwide pet store. Thursday evening, Sable, my hyper and
happy fuzzbutt was lying totally limp & unresponsive. She had
shown no signs of illness that morning.
I took her to the emergency pet clinic and they revived her
and stabilized her. I, of course made the decision to save her
if there was hope. $340 later, my baby had a catheter in her
jugular vein and she looked miserable. I fought with myself
about the decision I had made.
I took her immediately to her vet and found out that she had
Coccidia. The Dr. has ferts of her own and loves these tiny
creatures. I left my baby there and took my other in later to
get her examined and get antibiotics for her. ( She is doing
Friday evening I received a call that Sable had crossed over.
I never expected to be so attatched in such a short period of
time. But, it has taken me this long to even be able to write
about it.
My hubby was PO'd!!! He called the store that we bought her
from and the asst. manager informed us that they haven't
sterilized their cage in 1 1\2 - 2 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!
We contacted the vet, (she treats their ferts too), and the
local ferret shelter. We are still waiting to see what the
corporate offices have to say about this.
The vet informed us that she has had alot of kits die from
this chain because of this.
Where do people draw the line between moral obligation and the
bottom line $$$$$.?
Streaker, my healthy one, is missing her cage mate. She is
adjusting pretty well. I just wish I could say that for the
rest of the family.
Anyway, What signs do I need to look for in Streaker? I have
sterilized EVERYTHING. She is on anti-biotics. How common is
this in the US?

Thank you for listening. Bye, Bye Sable. Mommy, Daddy, and
Streaker will miss you. You are a permanent part of our lives.
We WILL make something good come of this!!!!!!!
Thank ya'll again.

Maryi & Streaker