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Date: 2001-04-30 05:21:00 UTC
Subject: Allergies? Insulinoma?

A little background first. I have 5 ferrets total--3 at my
boyfriends house and 2 at mine. This past weekend I brought my two
over to my boyfriends house to bathe them and let them play with the
other three ferrets. Saturday everyone was fine. But at around 2
o'clock on Sunday Lucy (my baby girl), started wheezing. She was
flipping/twisting on herself and salivating profusely. She did this
for about a half hour. Then she began running one side of her head
along the carpet. All of last night she slept and writhed in pain.
At approximately midnight, she started walking around and looked
somewhat normal except for some shaking--I assume from weakness. She
ate and drank a little bit. I kept her in my bedroom in a petcarrier
with food and water to keep an eye on her throughout the night. She
got up a few times to go potty and to eat. This morning she seemed
to be acting ok, just a little shaky. It looks like symptoms of
Insulinoma, but we haven't seen anything at all. It was all of a
sudden that this happened. So I can't figure it out. Could she be
allergic to the food at my boyfriend's house. Are there any other
causes for seizures and tilting of the head? Any help is appreciated.