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Date: 2001-04-30 05:26:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Devil's Club Supreme

glad we finally have a difinitive opinion on that devil's club
stuff. the original poster: sorry, but i missed your original
post. i wanted to mention that i recently lost a critter - after the
longest battle i've been through with a ferret to date - to one
lonely pancreas tumor. he didn't respond to the meds either (pred
and proglycem). he was in such bad shape most of the time i thought
surgery would do him in hindsight i think i should have gone
for the surgery - even if it did kill him, since obviously that's
what happened in the end anyway, know what i mean? since the meds
didn't help, perhaps removing that one tumor would way to
tell, but hindsight tells me we had nothing to lose.

dr. williams, what's your opinion here? and i mentioned grover once
before in response to your comments about insulinoma not causing
nausea. grover would have spells where he couldn't keep anything
down for a few days. on "regular" days the noise (bowel sounds
amplified) was amazingly LOUD when he would try to eat. wouldn't
consistently low blood sugar cause a person or critter to feel
nauseaous (his sugar was routinely testing in the 50's and 40's), or
at least light-headed enough to then feel somewhat nauseaous?

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> Dear Jeri:
> According to the literature on Devil's Club available (
> <> among others) this
product is
> "indicated" for diabetes due to it's hypoglycemic effect. This
would make
> it directly contraindicated for insulinoma, by making the blood
sugar even
> This product, provided that it exerts the effects that it claims
to, would
> actually be DANGEROUS with ferrets with insulinoma and I must warn
> its use.
> With kindest regards,
> Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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> To: Bruce Williams
> Subject: Devil's Club Supreme
> Hi Dr. Williams,
> Thank you for your reply to my e-mail about Devil's Club Supreme.
I had
> read about this product on either the FML or the
> FHL (can't remember which).
> They gave a site called: The New Rainbow Bridge which can be found
> Once there the info about the Devil's Club is under the "Other
> heading when you click on "Supplements".
> They call this product an herbal treatment for Insulinomas and they
> it by saying that they are not veterinarians
> but are speaking about this product after their personal
experiences with it
> in their ferrets. (they run a ferret rescue)
> The instructions are to add five drops of the product to a mixture
> whatever mush type food you are feeding
> your ferret. They mention using 50% Hill's A/D and 50% water. Or,
you can
> make a soup from chicken baby food
> or even Nutrical and water. They say to give it every 12 hours and
that in
> most cases the ferret's blood sugar
> balances out within the first week or so. Of course, the
word "Most" is
> something to remember when using
> it with your precious ferret. But to me, when you have tried the
> conventional type medicine's such as Pedia Pred
> and Proglycem and the numbers stay low (in my ferrets case in the
low 60's)
> I feel it is worth a try.
> I am going to give you the ingredients as listed on the bottle that
I have
> ordered from this place. They are as
> follows:
> Proprietary Blend
> 40mg*
> Extracts from /DEVIL'S CLUB ROOT
> BARK (Oplopanax horridum), INDIAN JAMBUL
> SEED (Syzygium jambolanum), FRESH DANDELION LEAF
> AND ROOT (Taraxacum officinalis), UVA URSI LEAF
> (Arctostaphylos uva
> ursi), TURMERIC RHIZOME (Curcuma longa), SPRING
> 45-55% pure GRAIN ALCOHOL USP.
> __________________________________________
> ___________________________________________
> *Daily Value Not Established
> Then they tell you that the: Fresh Dandelion Leaf and Root
is :Certified
> Organic
> Devils Club Root Bark and
the Uva
> Ursi Leaf are: Ecologically Wildcrafted
> Indian Jambul Seed is:
> Ayurvedically Cultivated
> Turmeric Rhizome is:
> Origin
> I hope this is not too much information Dr. Williams. :):):) This
product is
> also used on human's.
> Thank you for sharing your opinion with me after you have read this
info. I
> truly respect and value your knowledge
> about these wonderful critters!!!!!!!!!!
> Sincerely,
> Jeri (Mom to three precious furkids)
> Kodee Possum
> Bubba
> Winnie