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Date: 2001-04-30 07:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Frontline spray question

Hi Sidsel,
The product Cydectin (moxidectin) is only available
as a large animal pour on here in the US, so we can not
use it for ear mites yet.
As for using Frontline for ear mites, it is an extralabel
use of the product here in the US. The April 2001 issue
of Veterinary Forum has a good article on ear mites by
Dr Dennis Crow. He is board certified dermatologist
here in Dallas. He list Frontline as a treatment for ear
mites also. Revolution (selamectin) and Acarexx ear
drops (ivermectin) can also be used for ear mites. I
have used Frontline, Acarexx, and Revolution for ear mites,
and all 3 products work well as long as you treat all the
pets in the household. The same for using ivermectin injections.
If you find Advantage easier to use for fleas, remember that
Frontline also comes in a spot on version. Of course
both Advantage and Frontline work well for fleas, but
the spray version of Frontline is alot more cost effective
if one is treating multiple pets. Unfortunately Advantage does not
work on ticks or ear mites. It just works on fleas.
Hope that helps clear up the confusion,
Jerry Murray, DVM