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From: Margie
Date: 2001-04-30 11:43:00 UTC
Subject: Appearance of small "worm-like" shapes in rescue stool

Ceasar is a 6 year old, relatively healthy ferret. Oh, he also has ear
mites. His stool has a mucusy look to it. When I looked closer at
it, I see what appears to be allot of small white cirular shapes (not
full circles). After going through the archives, I am fairly sure it
is probably hook worm.

My ferret vet is in the learning stage. I need to know the best
treatment for it. If there is one that can also be used to prevent
heartworm. Also, can ferrets get whip worm. A stray dog that was in
my yard was found to have whip worms. Can I use Interceptor with the
lowest dosage.

Please "Reply toAll" so I will be able to get the reply instead of
waiting on the digest.

Gratefully yours,