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From: Cherri
Date: 2001-04-30 13:22:00 UTC
Subject: Skippy, Bugsy and ECE

It's been 3 weeks now since I started this fight with ECE. They were
doing really well then I had to go away for a couple of days and my
boyfriend was taking care of them. It all went down hill. Bugsy was
hissing and biting scott and wouldn't let him feed him. Skippy was
just not eating. I told him to switch back to just the baby food and
that seemed to work better. I called the vet right away and couldn't
get them in until Wed because he was going to be out of town. I came
back to my bugsy having gone from 2 pounds to it feels like about a
pound and he looks so sickly. Now he smacks alot and it looks like
his eyeballs are going to be sucked into his head when he does it.

Skippy is doing suprisingly well for just having surgery last monday
for insulinoma but I came back and her stools were solid blood. (of
course this was a Sunday so I couldn't rush them to the vet) I have
gotten her stools back to almost a normal color by feeding her just
about every two hours.

I am trying so hard and I'm just not seeing them get better. One day
they are acting like they are getting better and the next I feel like
I'm going to lose them. I'm scared that I'm not going to have the
strength to do this for two months as some of you say. Gosh I'm
having problems with two ferrets what do you do when you have eight?

It's hard to explain to the people at work why I'm so worn out. They
think they should be better after a week.

Any more advice is greatly appreciated. I do go to the vet on Wed
morning and am getting some Science Diet to hopefully try and get
some weight back on them.
Any other ideas on how to do that as I feel like I need to feed them
every hour like they aren't getting enough food or something.

Thanks for listening.