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From: Chris & Dave Mathis, Oregon Ferret Shelter
Date: 2001-04-30 16:29:00 UTC
Subject: Frontline vs Advantage

For what it is worth, I had a high school student do an
experment with Frontline and Advantage. She was trying to see
if Frontline would get rid of earmites as well as fleas. We
actually don't have fleas, so the experiment was mainly done
to see if Frontline was effective of eleminating earmites.
Well, after a month, the earmite population was still present
on both advantage and frontline kids. There was no significant
difference between the products. I personally prefer
Advantage. We use if mainly on our dogs and cats and
occasional ferret that is brought in with fleas. We have been
flea free at the shelter since we started using Advantage on
the dogs and cats on a regular basis.
Chris Mathis
Oregon Ferret Shelter