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Date: 2001-05-01 03:49:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Arthur is gone


Please let me know what your vet's report finds out. I have recently
lost a lovely little ferret named Duchess in a similar situation. The
Vets at Purdue Univ. did the necropsy and we do not have full results
in yet. Duchess became very ill and lost a lot of red blood cells
too. She made it throught the night after a transfusion but died the
next afternoon. The little dear was only a year old. So far the vet
can say that she is pretty sure that it is not contagious.

Laurie Jacobsen

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> Arthur passed away this morning right after his blood transfusion.
> necropsy is being done to find out what happened to him, why his
little life
> was taken so fast, why he lost so much blood so fast. He was one of
> "ambassador" ferrets, very gentle and laid back. He will be missed
so much.
> Susan
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