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From: DeMilia
Date: 2001-02-27 11:26:00 UTC
Subject: skin lymphoma?- update

I took Tish to the vet today. He said that all her lymph nodes are enlarged and said that
it is subcutaneous. He didn't think we should perform any other surgeries to remove the
enlarged nodes. He did an x-ray and she does not have any other masses, just the enlarged
nodes. I spoke to him about chemotherapy and he said that he would investigate the
different combinations of drugs, their cost, and what he is able to get and will send me
an e-mail with the information. I was concerned about waiting too long to get treatment
for Tish since her submandibular nodes are enlarging very quickly, so he gave me some
prednisolone to start her on. I am concerned because I have always heard not to use the
corticosteroids first if you are planning chemotherapy, so I asked him 3 times if he was
sure it wouldn't interfere and he said that it wouldn't. But I'm still concerned so now
I'm asking the board- is it okay to start her on it before the chemo? It is very likely
going to be one of the drugs in the combination he prescribes. I have never had any
experience with chemotherapy before, is it effective enough to be worth the cost? By the
way, thank you Dr. Williams for your offer to look at the tumor, but at this point I don't
think it will make a difference what type of lymphoma it is. If you think otherwise
please let me know and I'll see if I can have it sent to you.