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From: Jill Galindo
Date: 2001-05-01 06:52:00 UTC
Subject: More on Skin-So-Soft

In addition to Dr. Murray's comments, you may want to try a dilute solution
of Avon's Skin-so-soft as a non-toxic way to diminish mosquito bites (both
on you and your ferrets). This product has been used by animal owners for
many years, while Avon was still marketing it as a humidifier for human
skin. I heard that recently, they finally acknowledged its unique ability
to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Just a little heads up on the Skin-So-Soft you might want to try a patch
test like you do with hair dye or cleaning solutions first. The reason I am
suggesting this test is Skin-So-Soft was recommended to me by my vet for use
on my horses. I applied the Skin-So-Soft to the horses, it smells great and
seemed to work. The next morning when I went out to feed, one out of three
of the horses eyes were swollen shut. He was obviously allergic to the
Skin-So-Soft. This horse is a wash and wear horse he would have been the
last I would have expected to have any reaction to anything. Please do a
test first, this horse was not a pleasant sight. I am sure he didn't feel
so hot either.

Jill Owned By
Sam, Buck & GoosePotato