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From: Mildred Moore
Date: 2001-02-27 11:31:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: AutoImmune Disease in my ferret

Dear Dr. Bruce Williams,

This is a question from my vet. I talked to him today and he is interested
in what other drugs we could try in case the prednisone stops working or
doesn't entirely clear up my ferret's problem. Basically, as I told him, we
are only holding our own on the doseage she is now getting. He said to up
the doseage by .25mg and he wants to think about other ideas to explore.

Thank you.


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From: Dr. Bruce Williams [mailto:williams@e...]
Sent: February 24, 2001 9:43 PM

Dear Millie:

If 2.25 mg twice a day controls the signs, then we go at that dose
until everything is cleared up. Then I would try for a maintenance
of 2 mg twice a day for 30 days, and if that worked, we might try
1.75 twice a day, etc. The key is no fast decreases, and realize
from the start that you will never be able to remove the steroids for
the rest of this ferret's life.

There are other more expensive and potentially risky drugs that we
can use in very severe cases which are not touched by prednisone, but
since it is working here - there is no need to go to explore that at
this point.

In the case of generalized scabbing, it is always a good idea to at
least ask your vet about this possibility.

If you have any photos of your ferret with this condition, or anyone
else in this thread has some, I would really appreciate them. Non-
or poorly haired skin (or if the animal has been shaved prior to
biopsy would make for the best photos!

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM
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