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From: Georgia Bambaci
Date: 2001-05-01 11:34:00 UTC
Subject: Possible Adrenal?

I have a 4 year old ferret that I am concerned about.
He has some hair loss but only on the tail. It is a
stringy tail, not bald anywhere, but I also see
blackheads. I believe they are causing the hair loss.
This ferret has his own cage and has free play alone
because he doesn't like the other ferrets. He will
try to attack them if they are loose together. I have
heard that one of the signs of adrenal is aggressive
behavior. For the past couple of days, I have noticed
his private is alittle red. I would like to take him
to the vet to get tested. What test should they be
doing? One vet recommends an ultrasound at $200 and
the other one I spoke to says to do an adrenal palette
at $150. Both of these tests are expensive. Is there
any others that are somewhat cheaper? Which of these
would be the most effective at diagnosing a problem?

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